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About Us

Indiana USSSA was established in January 2014 with the appointment of Kory Scaringe as the State Director. Kory had worked with USSSA for many years, running baseball tournaments at Indianapolis Sports Park. He had hosted some of the largest tournaments in the state. In his inaugural year as State Director, Indiana USSSA sanctioned over 550 teams, hosted over 20 successful tournaments, and coordinated/directed the largest "State" Tournament in Indiana with over 90 teams.

In 2016, Indiana USSSA was state wide, offering teams the opportunity to play throughout Indiana. Indiana USSSA was featured in over 15 parks following the same rules so all teams have consistency playing other USSSA teams throughout the state.  Indiana USSSA hosted the largest baseball state tournament with over 190 teams in 2016.

​In 2017 Indiana USSSA beacme the largest baseball organization in Indiana with over 70 tournaments throught the state of Indiana.  Indiana USSSA baseball is now played in every top facility in the state from Grand Park, Field of Dreams, Indy Sports Park, Lincoln Park, Deaconess Sports Park to just name a few. Indiana USSSA Baseball had over 4,000 teams play in tournaments throughout the state along with hosting over 300 teams in the Classed State tournament.

Indiana USSSA Baseball will be bigger than ever in 2021 with over 130 tournaments state wide.  We are expecting over 450 teams to participate in our Classed State tournaments.  Indiana USSSA will offer 3 huge post season events.  The A Summer Nationals held in Colubmus Indiana, AA World Series & Global World Series held at Grand Park. 

Our goal is to have all teams in their correct classification by the State Tournament in 2021. The best way for Indiana USSSA to reach this goal is through game data. Indiana USSSA will require all teams to play in three (3) qualifiers to be eligible for State Tournament play if they want the opportunity to play in the lowest classification. Coaches/Team Managers can assist by sanctioning the correct classification at the start of the season. The state office also values input of all of our teams coaches.  Please feel free to email the state office if you would like us to investigate a team that you feel is in the improper classification.

Our organization also hopes to work with Coaches/Teams Managers through open communication. We always appreciate feedback, concerns, comments, etc. You can contact Kory Scaringe, the State Director, directly through email at 

Thank you
Kory Scaringe
USSSA State Director 

Indiana USSSA Baseball 2023 Spring/Summer Schedule is live! Click HERE