Indiana USSSA Baseball


Important Information
Sanction fee: $80 per year and that includes all 3 sports (baseball,fastpitch,slowpitch)
Dress: Umpires must have the proper RED USSSA shirt ($30) HAT ($18) and GREY pants. 

Please contact Dave and/or Todd for inquires on how to become an umpire or with questions/concerns.

To view umpire schedule visit:
Upcoming Events
  • Sunday 2/21/2021: Virtual Umpire Meeting (1 of 2) @ 10:00AM EST
    • Umpires should check email for most up-to-date event information
  • Saturday 2/27/2021:  Umpire Training Session (The Gathering Place Greenwood, IN) @ 10:00AM EST
  • Sunday 2/28/21: Umpire Meeting (2 of 2) Location/Time TBD
  • Saturday 3/13/21: Ceraland Park Training (3989 S 525 E Columbus, IN) Time TBD
Staff Directory
Umpire in Chief:
Dave Zorman
Phone: (765)-720-9339

Assistant Umpire in Chief:
Todd Schultheis
Phone: (317)-294-4635

USSSA Lead Umpire Trainer:
Jeff Siler
Phone: (317)-439-6587

Indiana USSSA Baseball 2022 Tournament Schedule is live! Click HERE